Thursday, September 10, 2009

Think, then eat!

Please copy paste this youtube link, and watch this trailer!

For a little over a year now I have been a vegetarian. At first I became a vegetarian because I feel a lot of compassion for animals and knew deep down that killing animals for my short term pleasure was wrong. Since last year I have learned so much about what really goes on in the food industry and how corrupt it is. I had absolutely NO idea where my food came from, and what it had been through. I was the ideal American for the food industry, the less we ask questions the better it is for them.
Food Inc. is not a "good" film, it is an informative film that EVERYONE should watch! In one part of the movie they feature a woman who had a 2 year old son that she fed a simple hamburger to. 12 days later her son died, after several autopsies they traced his death back to e coli, which he received from that 1 hamburger. Now this woman, as any mother would be, is outraged by the FDA not regulating our food, because it's not profitable. The FDA, Food and Drug Administration, is supposed to be keeping us safe from harmful food, but like anyone in political positions they only care about their wallets. Countless government representatives have their campaign backed by Monsanto, Con Agra, and others. So basically the food industry is choosing who they want to be in office. That doesn't seem right, does it?
Back to the subject of e coli, e coli comes from poop, so why does our food have e coli? Cows are very likely to have e coli because there is one main beef producer that produces 70% of the countries beef. That 1 main beef producer knows it is more profitable to have 1 main area where his cows are raised. The cows have absolutely no room to move around they are piled on top of each other where they are fed genetically altered corn, because it is easier to produce than their natural diet of grasses. Naturally cows create waste, and just like the cows that waste has no where to go so it piles up until they are standing knee high in their own waste. So now the cows are caked in their waste, but they are full grown and ready to slaughter. When making hamburgers all the cows are ground up in mass quantities, and there could be up to 1,000 cows in just 1 hamburger! GROSS!!!! If just 1 of those cows has e coli, then you are at risk for e coli. This is obviously a problem for the beef producers, because recalling meat is not profitable. Their solution to the problem: mix ammonia in with the meat so it kills the e cloi. Oh great, now we are not getting sick from e coli but rather sick over time from ammonia. Something to think about next time your in the drive-thru.
What really isn't making since is why tomatoes and spinach carry e coli, they don't poop. Eventually all the waste from the cows, and other animals too, must go somewhere. The runoff of this waste often times ends up in our crops, which is how are vegetables are ruined. What a bummer!
This whole e coli thing was a real wake up call to me. The summer after I graduated high school one of my best friends became very ill with e coli, from hamburger. She was so sick, she had to spend 2 months in the ICU. It is a miracle she is alive today, and I am so thankful she is healthy now. Just goes to show this can happen to anyone.

I know this is long, but also important! Thanks for reading, and you can look forward to more tomorrow!


snwbrder350z said...

I've always wanted to watch that movie. I've recently tried to stop eating fast food because its terrible for you.

Juan Muscarsel said...

You have made an extraordinary post. I did not know about that movie, but it would really like to watch it.
The reality is terrible, it is sad to see who corruption takes over everything, every single aspect of our societies gets corrupted by personal interest of single people full of power.
My country had been, is, and will continue beeing lead by corrupted people inside the government, and they will always be there, even switching them doesnt change anything... because always someone worst get the position.

Anyway.. im going to far. I really agree with your point of view. Im not a vegetarian, just because i didnt take the habit, but especially here in the US, I think the eating habits are terrible... when it comes to chosing the food. People is not use to cook here.. why? is easier to buy fast food right? but it is amazing how bad that food is...

Well.. I think we could talk forever, so I will just wait until tomorrow for your next post.

Great job! keep it up!

tague8811 said...

So do you eat fish.. cuz i know some people dont eat fish, but i know a girl who considers to be a vegitarian but still eats fish

sarah said...

are you ever like tempted to eat meat at all? let me tell ya, i would have such a hard time with that, even though i know it's better..