Friday, September 11, 2009

I heart BUSTER!

Buster is the black dog, Jack is my friends dog.

My family and I adopted my dog, Buster, 5 years ago. Buster is by far the best dog in the whole world, ok maybe i am a little biased, but he is a good dog. When we adopted Buster he was 2yrs old and already house broken, he didn't chew up our stuff, or bark annoyingly all day long. I think adopting is the way to go!
Also MO has more puppy mills than any other state, so chances are if you are buying a full bred dog it probably came from a puppy mill. A lot of the time there will be a middle man between the actual puppy mill and the buyer, these people act as breeders who will sell the dogs to the buyer so the buyer never sees the awful conditions of the puppy mill.
If you do not want to got o the humane society because you are looking for a specific breed, breed rescue could be for you.
Please please please do not support the suffering of animals, next time you are looking to buy a dog visit a local shelter or breed rescue! You can feel good about helping an animal, and also feel good about the money you will save!
Ok, so I wasn't going to add an image of a puppy mill, but I thought it might be necessary to really get my point across. This is one of the mild photos, I can't handle the really horrible ones. If you want to see them just google puppy mills. These dogs are stuck in cages their whole lives forced to breed over and over, and when they are too old or too sick the owners leave them for dead or kill them. Many times the owners of the dogs will get annoyed by the barking and shove a stick down their throats to damage their vocals cords so they can no longer bark. I am not a big Oprah fanatic or anything, but She did a really informative episode on puppy mills, PLEASE watch it!
Oprah special
undercover puppy mill investigation


Juan Muscarsel said...
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Juan Muscarsel said...

Reality sometimes is cruel... especially when it comes to animal.
It's amazing what humans do for their own interest with animals, just to make some money.
good post

sarah said...

that's so freaking terrible. i hate puppy mills.